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Who We Are & What We Stand For

We know that contractors don’t have a good reputation right now. You’re hesitant to give anyone your time and money—and you are right to be. Everyone seems to have a handful of bad experiences when getting important work done. 

And when all is said and done, you feel like you were used. 

You don’t need to worry about that with us. It may be a pre-school principle, but we work hard to treat our customers how we want to be treated. When you call us, it’s usually a bad day, and we want to be there to help you through every stage. 

Whether you need AC repair ASAP, have major commercial refrigeration needs, or just want to get your home unit serviced, you can bet that we’ll have your back.

OKEECHOBEE Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
OKEECHOBEE Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

We’ll Meet You Where You Stand

You’ve got a lot going on, so we’ll cut to the chase. Here is everything we offer.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Industrial Hood Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing

Let Us Be Your Solution

Our Service Area

If you are not located within the designated service area, please feel free to call and find out if we can service your area.

OKEECHOBEE Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Why Work With Us, Trust The Pros

When we leave a job site, it’s always better than we found it. That is not something all contractors can say. We want you to trust us, and not because you have to, but because we deserve it.

“The technician washed/cleaned my existing air filter. Thank you!”

“Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and courteous.”

"I can’t say enough. How great & wonderful. Awesome job!”

Choosing HVAC Services, Licensed & Insured

You deserve high-quality services that are effective, safe, and solve your problems—not create more. You’ve got enough of those as it is.

So, no matter who you choose to provide HVAC services, we recommend you look for the following:

Honest Pricing:
If the price of a service sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

In the state of Florida, we recommend going with a Certified Class A Licensed contractor, nothing less. 

An Actual Employee:
Sometimes, people can be working for a friend of a friend out of a van with no legal (or official) ties to the company you think you are hiring.

Fully Insured:
If something goes wrong on your property and your contractor doesn’t have insurance, YOU ARE LIABLE.

OKEECHOBEE Air Conditioning & Refrigeration


Air conditioning repair services are dedicated to solving whatever problem is disrupting your system's functioning. That could be anything from a fraying fan belt to a tricky refrigerant leak.

OKEECHOBEE Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

You Deserve The Best & That’s Us